Sunday School

Bible Teaching for Kid’s Sunday School Curriculum utilized at Highland Baptist Church provides kids with a balanced approach to the Bible in four easy steps!

1. Preview – A simple, fun activity for children who arrive early.
2. Power Up – Beginning the session with a fun, creative activity that sets the stage for learning.
3. Plug In – A step-by-step plan for large group Bible study and worship with all children in a single group.
4. Personalize – Several fun activities that help children apply the Bible study to their lives during small group time.

Small Group teachers and Learning Concepts for each class

Children’s Ministry Director: Donna Jackson

Kindergarten – 5th Grade Boys
Teacher: Ben Murray
Levels of Biblical Learning concept document for this class

Kindergarten- 5th Grade Girls
Teacher: Ann Smith
Levels of Biblical Learning concept document for this class

Large Group Leader
Teacher: Donna Jackson

Bible Teaching for Kids at Highland Baptist Church…

  • Utilizes LifeWay’s Levels of Biblical Learning and Levels of Bible Skills as frameworks
  • Provides a three-year scope and sequence
  • Includes a chronological study (Genesis through Acts) for grades K-5; giving kids the chance to study the Bible chronologically twice during the childhood years
  • Covers all the biblical concept areas found in the Levels of Biblical Learning each year
  • Meets the needs of different learning styles through a variety of teaching methods
  • Enables kids to internalize Bible truths and apply them to life
  • Coordinates with Worship KidStyle
  • Allows leaders to prepare the weekly lessons in less than an hour

View Bible Teaching For Kids Scope & Sequence
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Sunday School Teacher From Left To Right:
* Not Pictured. Ben Murray (Kindergarten – 5th Grade Boys)
Ann Smith (Kindergarten- 5th Grade Girls)
Donna Jackson (Large Group Leader)


Mrs. Donna Jackson, Children’s Ministry Director